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Monday, September 22, 2008

Another week with the detached retina

I taught my classes this past week with sunglasses on so the children would not have to look at my eye. I see a pool of water through that eye. It is as though I am submerged in liquid up to the middle of my eye. Below the surface I cannot see anything but colors. Above the surface I can see but it is very blurry. It makes it difficult to negotiate steps and walking around. I have to be very careful so I do not slip down. Even though I am able to drive, my depth of field is very challenged. I know that the vision in that eye is better than last week, but it is so frustrating. I have not been able to sew or read. I can knit so at least I have something to keep me busy.
My son and his family came from Birmingham for the weekend. They just wanted to be with me and check on me. I am so glad they came with the grandchildren, It made me feel so good. My other son joined us with his girlfriend and her little boy. We had a wonderful day going to the applehouses. We all ate supper together here at the house. Tommy fixed his oven bbq ribs. Bric made fried sweet potato chips and I made a broccolli salad. Red velvet cake for dessert. Yum!


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