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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thanksgiving is approaching

Emma's birthday was November 20th. She is 2 years old. We are expecting her and her mom to arrive Thanksgiving Day. Bric and his family will arrive on Friday. Since Emma's mom and other grandparents are Jehovah's Witness, they do not celebrate birthdays or Christmas. But we do! We will have her party on Friday. I have ordered a large cookie with Elmo on it because she loves Elmo. I made her a quilted sweatshirt with turtles. The two Santa pillows are for the little boys to use from now until Christmas. We are so excited about everyone coming to our house.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This new series is based on vegetation.

Small quilts

These are based on old family photographs. One is of Nina Lindon as a young girl with a parasol. The other is based on a photo of Harry Lindon standing in front of an unidentified building.

Vote! Vote! Vote!

Today we went to Big Creek Fire Station to vote in the presidential election. There were only 4 people in line in front of us. We did see a couple of our neighbors. What an exciting election! We will watch the results tonight.

My eyesight has improved enough that I finally am sewing again. Yippeee!!!! I worked yesterday and today in my sewing studio. I made several purses and some small quilts. It felt great to be working again.