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Monday, December 31, 2007

A Walk in the Woods

This was the guild challenge that was in December 2007. I dyed the fabric for the background and then went back and lightened some areas with a bleach solution. After completing the sewing and appliquing of the fabric, I used color pencils to add more details to the quilt. I gave it to my oldest son for his office.

Journal Quilt 2007

This was the first time that I participated in the Journal Quilt Project. I based my image on the gate to an apartment complex designed by Gaudi. I was standing in front of the gates when my husband took my photo. Behind the gates I created images of the moon to symbolize 6 months of my life. There are fireworks, sorrow, calmness and other emotions that reflect what my life was like during this period. The gates appear to be a huge web that I have been caught in but not struggling to leave. I enjoyed dying the fabric and adding bead work to create this quilt. It was on display in Houston and now is traveling with the other journal quilts.

Barcelona Postcards

I did manage to create the 4 postcards for Quilting Arts magazine. I was very disappointed when mine was not selected to be featured in the December edition. I love it anyway. It was definitely a learning experience and pushed me into more areas than I would normally have tread.
We traveled to Madrid and Barcelona in March 2007. I fell in love with Gaudi's work. I used his architectural forms to make the images on the front and back of my postcards. To connect all of the cardsm I sewed silver rings at one end. I strung beads to fit through the rings which keeps them together, but lets the viewer turn the pages.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Life with Pain

It seems like it has been forever since I have made a post. My back started giving me problems in August. After going to the doctor and having x-rays and mri's, I finally got a diagnosis. I have 2 problems which are degenerative scoliosis and stenosis. My treatment was physical therapy and strong tylenol prescription. The pain progressed with sharp jabs through my left hip and thigh. I had found myself sitting most of the time, but gradually that became too much. The only relief that I could get was by lying flat on my back. I decided to find a doctor at Emory and get another opinion. He recommended a steroid injection which I had done on Dec. 5th. During the three days prior to the procedure, I didn't think that I could stand the pain. I found some relief immediately afterwards. On the 7th the pain had escalated which I found does happen to some people. The next morning I woke up pain free. It is wonderful. I am not sure how long this will last, but I am enjoying every moment now.