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Monday, September 22, 2008

Another week with the detached retina

I taught my classes this past week with sunglasses on so the children would not have to look at my eye. I see a pool of water through that eye. It is as though I am submerged in liquid up to the middle of my eye. Below the surface I cannot see anything but colors. Above the surface I can see but it is very blurry. It makes it difficult to negotiate steps and walking around. I have to be very careful so I do not slip down. Even though I am able to drive, my depth of field is very challenged. I know that the vision in that eye is better than last week, but it is so frustrating. I have not been able to sew or read. I can knit so at least I have something to keep me busy.
My son and his family came from Birmingham for the weekend. They just wanted to be with me and check on me. I am so glad they came with the grandchildren, It made me feel so good. My other son joined us with his girlfriend and her little boy. We had a wonderful day going to the applehouses. We all ate supper together here at the house. Tommy fixed his oven bbq ribs. Bric made fried sweet potato chips and I made a broccolli salad. Red velvet cake for dessert. Yum!

Dealing with Detached Retina

September 12th I had an appointment at the ophthalmologist because I had light flashes in one eye when I would turn out a light in a room. A gray veil had appeared near my nose in that eye. He dilated my eyes and called me back in to examine my eyes. He said that I had a detached retina with 2 tears. He insisted that I drive to Atlanta and that I could not wait for Tommy to come and I could not stop to eat or drink. The next doctor I saw said that something had to be done that day and he was associated with Decatur Hospital which had closed the surgery department to move it. He sent me to another doctor who also insisted that I needed surgery immediately or I would lose sight in my right eye. So I had surgery at Piedmont Hospital at 9:00 p.m. Peyton drove Tommy down so he could take me back home after the surgery. We got back about 2:00 a.m.I feel fine except I have a huge bandage over my eye and I cannot see very well with one eye. I had no idea that my symptoms were so serious. Yeeech! You never know. I just wanted to let you know what had happened.I have nitrous oxide gas bubble in that eye so I cannot change altitudes or fly. He said that I could not go to work for two weeks, but we will see. I will saw the "Decatur" doctor on Tuesday the 16th in Gainesville. He said my eye was doing great and that I could go back to work on Wednesday.

Moonbeams continue

These are fun little purses that can be used for many occassions.


These are my newest purses that are smaller than my "pursonalities". I have used just the face on each one. They are big enough to carry a cellphone and other essentials.

Humane Society

I created these purses for the Fort Lauderdale Humane Society auction. My sister-in-law is involved with this event and asked me to participate. These are the ones that I sent her. I hope they bring in some money for their cause.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is the quilt for my niece, Kyle. It is her gift for high school graduation. Hopefully she will use it in her dorm room at the University of San Deigo. Since she grew up in Fort Lauderdale, I thought the flip flops would be the perfect image for her.