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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Invisible Children

There are thousands of children that are being stolen in Uganda and Darfur. They are forced into these radical armies. Their treatment is horrific. We are watching this happen year after year. A new movement has been organized to rescue these children. I just had to make a quilt about this dire situation because I feel so helpless. Sometimes I wish that I had the intestinal fortitude to do more. I am not sure what that would be. Then I think about the children I see at school who live in poverty. I can do something to help them and in some small way I do. It just never seems like enough.

Quilted Mah Jongg Boxes

I finished these boxes this weekend. I found a kit on the discount aisle at Walmart. It had the pattern and the stiff interfacing to construct the boxes. I used some fabric from my stash to complete them. Even had some mah jongg tile buttons for the top of the larger one. I will use these to carry all my winnings from the mj games. LOL

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rachel's Quilt

This is a table topper that I made for a friend's retirement. She taught high school English and Spanish. I hope retirement will be wonderful for her. I forgot to take a photo of the quilt before I wrapped it. Then I remembered that I had shown it at the quilt meeting last week. There was this photo on the guild website.

Monday, May 18, 2009


My son, Peyton, has been working on a new series of paintings. I gave him a piece of fabric and he drew one of his "Emotional Real estate" works on it. I quilted it and enhanced it with more color using fabric markers. This is such a happy visual image. It is like opening one of those trick boxes where all the spring loaded forms pop out. When you are filled with happiness and excitement, this is the visual image of how you feel. Enjoy!!

Recycled Fish

This is an example of using recycled items in a quilt. The quilt is about 18" x 24". Incorporated in the composition is a piece of netting that is usually a bag for lemons. I found bottle caps and can lids in parking lots. They had been run over by cars for quite some time. These became some of the "rocks" at the bottom of the river. I had some angelica that appears as plant life. The glass "stones" were glued on to the wallhanging.