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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Wow what a wild ride this week. Mah Jongg friends came for the weekend to play. What fun!! Tuesday the opthalmologist told me eye was doing great and he did not want to see me for 6 weeks. On the way home we could not find any gas. Finally one Kangaroo station had some. Whewwwww! I can see out of my eye now even though it is blurry. The nitric oxide bubble is finally gone.
Today it was announced that I got Teacher of The Year at my little school. What a shock since I am only part-time. I hope I get a parking space of my own like everyone else.
The stock market has been a horrow story. hopefully that will get better.


shane said...

hay, mrs daughtry dont know if you remember me, but you were big inspiration in life thru high school and i thank you. your husband as well. my name is shane brady you taught me at forest park high, and helped me accomplish goals, and helped me alot in art, with governors honor awards and just seeing art in all different ways. its good to see you and mr. daughtry are doing ok, i ran into mrs. winn at woodland high school were my kids go. seeing her made me think of yall. thanks shane

Natural Images by Tina Williams said...

Your work is awesome. You are such a talented artist! Love you so much!