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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Caramel Latte for the Koi

Christmas of 2005 my son and daughter in law gave me fabric and a pattern for a queen size quilt. I put it in my sewing room and completely forgot about it. I was cleaning up (LOL) in my studio this past January when I found it. I was horrified that I had not been working on it. I put everything else aside and immediately began to cut and sew. I finished it in April and sent it to the long arm quilter. July 5th I got it back from the quilter. I just finished sewing on the binding and label, As you can see it looks absolutely wonderful on our bed. I love it!

Our koi pond began over 30 years ago. We started out with 5 fish. Now it is over is very hard to count fish. They will not stay in one place. The red fabric in the quilt has koi printed all over it. It keeps things in perspective sometime to go back to a very traditional quilt. You remember all the reasons that you do art quilts.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

4th of July

Today always reminds me of my daddy. It is his birth date and I spend some of this day reminiscing about the happier times with him that I remember. There are days that I really miss him and this seems to always be one of them.

My brother and his family are spending this holiday in London. All 6 of them left on June 28th for Europe. The first day of their visit, authorities found cars loaded to explode near Piccadilly Circus. The terrorists were successful in Scotland with a car bomb, but they have arrested several people. It was revealed that some of these individuals were doctors who were working in the United Kingdom. Harry was very upset that it was people in his profession that had been a part of this horrible occurance.

They leave for Paris tomorrow so I hope that the world is calmer.

I just completed another French Braid table runner for my sister in law. They live in south Florida so the colors reflect that area of the country. This will be a Christmas gift to her.