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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Isaac and Eden's room with my quilts

This is a photo of the Trish and Joseph Rhodes' nursery. Trish painted Curious George on the wall. When they posted the photos of the nursery, I was thrilled to see my quilts in the cribs.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Large Fabric Bowl

This bowl was made by wrapping the batik fabric around clothesline cord that I got at Lowe's. It is much sturdier than the other bowls and therefore much larger.

Fabric Bowls

I have gone a little overboard with making bowls. I bought a bag of batik strips from Batiks, ETC. They are the perfect size. I wrap the fabric strips around cording using a glue stick to hold them at the beginning and the end of each strip. When the length of cording is complete, I zig-zag it together on the sewing machine.

Mary and Boak Moon

This is the quilt I made in memory of my mother and father. These were photos of them when they were dating and newly weds. There are included a couple of love letters from daddy. They were married. August 4, 1940. I hope by making this quilt some of the grandchildren and great grandchildren will know a little bit about them.

More Kid Clothes

This is another outfit that I made for the grandboys. This one had crayons on the fabric so I recreated them on the t-shirt. You can see the front and the back.

Kid Clothes

These are new play clothes for the grandboys. I saw the pants at the vendors in Knoxville. I used a pattern from Walmart. It is very difficult to find solid color t-shirts. I ordered these on line, I re-created the motif that was on the fabric. The snakes continue around the t-shirt so I have shown the front and the back. I used fabric markers by Crayola. They are wonderful to work with and the stay bright after washing.